Redwood City, CA, March 17, 2020 – Premium digital technology company PubMatic, today announced the launch of Audience Encore, a new solution that significantly changes the way publishers monetize audience data. PubMatic is the first SSP to allow publishers to activate both data and inventory across major programmatic channels including desktop, video and mobile. Buyers and sellers transact via deal IDs, creating an efficient and secure process that offers more control and monetization potential for publishers and data companies across the platform, without data leakage. Partners including National CineMedia (NCM), the largest cinema advertising network in the US, Investing Channel, Audigent, H Code, and Lotame have already signed on to use Audience Encore.

“We’re excited to better serve our financial services partners with access to our audience of 25M retail investors and financial professionals. Audience Encore has allowed us to extend this value at scale via our InvestorMatch program, in a privacy safe way that will allow us to create many new revenue streams to grow our business” said Matt Kelly, VP of Advertising at Investing Channel.

PubMatic’s Audience Encore delivers more control for publishers and data companies over their audience segments by offering granular control of permissions and pricing in a safe environment. Publishers and data companies also gain the opportunity to activate their data across the entire platform. This mutually beneficial innovation increases efficiency in the market, and sets the course for better monetization of first, second, and third party data for the companies that have largely been overlooked in the ecosystem.

This announcement marks an important advancement for publishers who have first-party data to start monetizing directly in the programmatic environment alongside their inventory sales. Currently, publishers are limited in their ability to sell both inventory and data side-by-side on demand side platforms. Publishers and data companies also get real-time reporting on audience segment performance, creating a more transparent process than the current industry standard.

With Audience Encore, buyers will have ready access to unique audience segments from publishers and data companies along with the other audience segments they are already buying from traditional data sellers.

“Empowering media sellers to enrich their inventory is a win-win for both sides of the table. Lotame’s high-quality global data layered onto PubMatic’s SSP inventory creates a unique opportunity for media buyers and sellers to scale cookieless data-driven activation, from New York to Sydney. This turnkey ability for media sellers to sell audience-targeted media via private marketplaces is game changing” said Evgeny Popov, Executive Vice President, Global Data Solutions at Lotame.

“By creating Audience Encore, it was our mission to fundamentally change the way marketers and data owners transact on audience data by giving more control to the data owner and better ROI for the advertiser,” said Alex DeSanctis Vice President of Audience Solutions at PubMatic.