SYDNEY / SINGAPORE / TOKYO, June 30, 2022 – PubMatic (Nasdaq: PUBM), an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, today announced a partnership with AlikeAudience in Australia, Japan, and Indonesia, enabling advertisers to access quality audience data on the supply side.

Activating data on the supply side cuts down complexity and delivers more efficiency and value for both media buyers and data owners, through higher match rates and better CPMs.

The partnership expands the reach of PubMatic Connect, PubMatic’s differentiated audience solution that leverages addressable signals from across the internet to help data owners drive monetization and help media buyers drive performance. Connect allows media buyers to leverage a portfolio approach to addressability.

AlikeAudience offers bespoke demographic, interest, and transactional data and has more than 7,000 audience segments in the US, Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asia, across a wide range of industries, including FMCG, Automotive, Auto, and Financial. The company has substantial operations in APAC and the U.S. and assembles its audience data from exclusively consumer-consented CRM data, billions of unique mobile signals, and transaction data from multinational credit card companies.

Unlike most data vendors, AlikeAudience does not aggregate nor recycle data but sources it directly from trusted partners. Its audience solutions have been rated as 90% accurate by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings and are 100% device-agnostic.

AlikeAudience has been operating in the Asia Pacific market for the past five years, working primarily with demand side platforms (DSPs) across the region, and this partnership makes the company’s high value audience data available on the supply side for the first time.

“We believe that working directly with PubMatic gives media buyers greater control over data, along with higher match rates and better campaign performance,” said PubMatic Asia-Pacific Director, Data and Audience, Brandon Lee. “Our proximity to publishers and consumers means fewer hops around the ecosystem, making SSPs uniquely positioned to help brands reach audiences at the right place and time.”

“We are delighted to become a PubMatic data partner in Australia, Japan, and Indonesia,” said AlikeAudience Founder and CEO Bosco Lam. “We believe advertisers will benefit from access to PubMatic’s quality mobile app media inventory, coupled with unique audiences created through packaged deals from the supply side.

Advertisers are seeking to ensure their digital advertising campaigns are privacy-compliant and do not utilise personally identifiable information, and that has been our competitive advantage. We believe brands can reach the right audiences with all of the right data privacy practices in place.”

About PubMatic

PubMatic (Nasdaq: PUBM) is an independent technology company maximizing customer value by delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future. PubMatic’s sell-side platform empowers the world’s leading digital content creators across the open internet to control access to their inventory and increase monetization by enabling marketers to drive return on investment and reach addressable audiences across ad formats and devices. Since 2006, our infrastructure-driven approach has allowed for the efficient processing and utilization of data in real time. By delivering scalable and flexible programmatic innovation, we improve outcomes for our customers while championing a vibrant and transparent digital advertising supply chain.

About AlikeAudience

AlikeAudience provides high-performing, privacy compliant, and global audience segments from mobile and transaction data, available on major DSPs, marketplaces and strategic partners like Pubmatic. Through mobile-first segments, data onboarding, and an ever-evolving next-gen audience data solution, AlikeAudience helps global 4As and marketers achieve massive returns on their ad-spend across United States, Australia and APAC.