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Unlocking New Layers of Control Through Supply Path Curation

Reid Rosenberg Headshot
By Reid Rosenberg, Associate Director, Product Management
March 4, 2024

Can you imagine a world without opaque digital supply chains? One with complete programmatic buying efficiency? A world where the full value of your budget is unlocked for every buy you make?

Not long ago, the reality of such a world was no more than an illusion – a distant dream that was dashed by an ecosystem too complex and fragmented to fulfill the promises it once held.

More recently, supply path optimization (SPO) has brought this long-promised vision within closer reach. PubMatic’s industry-leading commitment to SPO is beginning to untangle a web of excessive fees and inefficiencies, re-establishing some transparency where it was needed most. To date, more than 45% of activity on our platform is driven by SPO relationships.

But we are not stopping there.

Listening to Today’s Media Buyers

Although SPO is driving a welcomed paradigm shift within the programmatic ecosystem, programmatic media buyers are still grappling with numerous challenges. Data proliferation, a lack of control, and concerns about sustainability – among other factors – are still causing buyers to rethink how they approach their pathways to supply. SPO must continue to evolve so these needs can be met.

Introducing Supply Path Curation

Today, PubMatic is announcing the next important step in cementing its position as the digital advertising supply chain of the future. Supply Path Curation is an all-new suite of SPO (Supply Path Optimization) capabilities being launched – reinforcing PubMatic’s commitment to building a smarter programmatic experience for its customers.

The Power of Enhanced Supply Controls for Media Buying

Here’s how Supply Path Curation empowers buyers:

  • Granular supply shaping: Drill down to the impression level when curating supply in PubMatic’s platform – unleashing maximum control and flexibility for buyers.
  • Automatic supply allocation: Manage recurring traffic allocations on a set cadence in PubMatic’s platform – reducing time-consuming overhead.
  • Responsibility via media precision: Increase relevancy for the requests passed by PubMatic to demand partners – maximizing QPS efficiency and leading to better carbon emissions outcomes.

While these new SPO capabilities primarily benefit media buyers, they also have a halo effect on publishers. PubMatic’s SPO agreements will continue to unlock access to unique demand for publishers, while also allowing them to better understand how buyers select their supply.

The Future of SPO Is Here

Supply Path Curation is more than a set of new features – it is the evolution of SPO. Take control by reaching out to learn more about how PubMatic is building a better and more responsible digital advertising supply chain.