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Summer Spotlight: Meet PubMatic’s UK Country Manager, Emma Newman

Professional headshot of Emma Newman
By Emma Newman, CRO, EMEA
July 18, 2019

PubMatic has thirteen offices across the globe (currently) and each market offers unique opportunities and challenges. To highlight some of the great work and talented teams at our various locations, we have interviewed the country managers. Get to know the team leaders and some of the fun quirks about each country.

First up, we have Emma Newman, Country Manager of the UK.

Please share a bit on your bio and work history.

I started in digital media in 1999 in a “start-up” called MSN.  I spent 10 years there learning the ropes and then moved to AOL as they were going through their “conscious uncoupling” from Time Warner.

I was part of the team that launched HuffPost in EMEA and then was headhunted to sit on the board of Clear Channel UK as their Marketing Director. I missed the speed of working in a pure-play digital company so decided to move back into that space. I absolutely knew programmatic was the future so after some research, I chose PubMatic as I felt the company’s focus and values aligned with mine.

What drew you to ad tech?

My publishing career has always been digital and I considered going back to a digital publisher after my stint at Clear Channel. However, I was really more interested in the tech that powers digital publishing. I thought ad tech was a great “win-win” for me as I would be supporting digital publishing whilst also being part of an industry that would help shape the future of digital advertising.

What makes programmatic advertising unique for your market?

The UK is a very mature programmatic market which means it’s incredibly competitive.  There is still an enormous dependence on the Duopoly (soon to be the triopoly?). Even so, there is still an enormous opportunity for growth BUT we have to be more innovative and creative in how we drive that growth.

What makes PubMatic stand out in the UK?

We stand out for our approach to engaging the buyers for the benefit of the brand, our publishers and the industry as a whole – we are often told we’re at the forefront here.  Of course, I also believe that we have the most established and respected team, as well.

How many people work at PubMatic in your country?


One phrase to describe the UK team?

Crazily competitive customer advocates.

One word to describe how you personally work.


What is something that Emma Newman can do better than everyone else?

Buy shoes.

What apps are your most used on your phone?

I constantly use Instagram, Skype, Uber, Stepz, Netflix, and WhatsApp.

What is the best work advice you have ever received?

Work hard, be nice, and help people. Try and put yourself in other people’s shoes. And no-one comes in to the office wondering how to ruin your day!

To check out some fun office activities and team culture, check out their PubMatic Instagram “take-over.” If you are interested in joining the team, check out our open positions on the career page and if you want to learn how you can do business with us, check out our programmatic solutions.