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The Advantages of Wrapper-based Identity Solutions

Post on August 2, 2022 by Mohsin Pervez

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Mohsin Pervez Senior Director Platform Solutions, EMEA

Independent identity solutions enable publishers to use opt-in based first-party data to reach consumers with relevant advertising or content without the need for third-party cookies or other phased out signals. With multiple solutions available and many possible use cases, the challenge for publishers is how to effectively manage multiple ID solutions simultaneously. The answer lies in wrapper solutions, like PubMatic’s Identity Hub, that work in a similar way to header bidding wrappers whereby they manage multiple ID solutions from a single interface. Let’s take a look at the key benefits:

Automated Adaptation

ID solutions are still relatively new and are constantly evolving in line with changes to regulations, advances in technology, and wider market influences such as mergers and acquisitions. This means that the way any given solution works on the back end can change rapidly, and in extreme cases some solutions may be withdrawn from the market altogether! For publishers, navigating these changes and managing multiple ID solutions is time-consuming and resource-intensive and for the majority is not an option.

Investing in wrapper solutions removes the need to manually manage ID solutions by enabling publishers to access a range of providers from a central source that is independently maintained and updated as soon as changes occur. This means that publishers can focus on more strategic, revenue-generating activities rather than technical configurations.

Customized Script Execution

PubMatic’s Identity Hub uses code window that allows publishers to push additional scripts on their page and hence bypass their developer life cycle. Historically, code window has been used to grab first party IDs from the page, and send them to demand-side platforms (DSPs) in an encrypted form. It has also been used to pick the IDs from the pages and share “Encrypted Signal” with different bidders and different integration paths. With Identity Hub in place, publishers can pass the same signals into other integrations with no technology changes and hence monetize cookieless impressions across multiple integrations with a single line of code.

Independent Testing

Working with wrapper solutions also creates an opportunity to test the effectiveness of different ID solutions without the need for developers to reconfigure complex set-ups. Furthermore, when publishers are able to manage multiple ID solutions, advertisers can recognize and respond to ID-based bid requests regardless of which ID provider is supplying the user data. This creates the ideal environment in which to conduct A/B tests to accurately determine which ID solutions deliver the best results in different scenarios.

This independence and flexibility enables publishers to flourish and demonstrate their value to individual advertisers and build relationships based on mutual trust and understanding of each other’s objectives.

Data-driven Decision Making

Wrapper-based ID solutions such as PubMatic’s Identity Hub provide publishers with granular insights based on different ID vendors across different geographies, browser types, and more. This means that publishers can see who is buying their inventory based on specific identities and therefore, test, evaluate, and select the ID vendors they want to work with to futureproof their business.

Without a wrapper solution, it would take hours, if not days, of manual data analysis to determine the effectiveness of each solution. This would cause a significant delay in decision-making and result in missed revenue opportunities. By providing publishers with interoperable, ID-agnostic solutions, PubMatic enables publishers to improve the accuracy of their targeting and scale addressable audiences on the open web.

Advertisers also realize significant benefits when publishers use wrapper-based ID solutions: the ability to select from a wide range of partner identity solutions; increased reach; and ultimately, better campaign performance. By enabling advertisers to easily reach their target audiences across the open web using their ID of choice through their DSP partner, PubMatic enables brands to efficiently target consumers, at scale on the open web thus offering a viable alternative to walled gardens, but with the additional benefits of better transparency, more control and premium content.