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PubMatic achieves IAB Gold Standard 2.0

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By Emma Newman, CRO, EMEA
June 3, 2021

In recognition of PubMatic’s work to continually raise digital advertising standards and provide the best possible performance the ad tech company has been awarded Gold Standard 2.0 certification from IAB UK.

At PubMatic, we share IAB UK’s commitment to proactively mitigating the risk of brand safety issues, reducing ad fraud, and improving consumers’ experience of digital advertising.

Building on the first IAB UK Standard in 2017, Gold Standard 2.0 aims to enhance transparency and address privacy concerns in the industry by reviewing data protocols against a standardised process. Companies must meet several new rigorous criteria in order to achieve certification, including the implementation of IAB Tech Lab’s app-ads.txt, and the provision of documentation and insight to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive.

At PubMatic, we take our responsibility to ensure we provide a safe environment for brands very seriously. In order to continually improve standards, we make significant investments into developing and enhancing our suite of viewability and safety solutions for advertisers. By collaborating with respected industry partners, such as the IAB, we share our experiences for the benefit of the whole industry, not just PubMatic. We look forward to building on Gold Standard 2.0 and working with IAB UK to promote transparency, privacy and safety across the digital advertising industry.

Nickesh Patel, AdTech Manager, IAB UK, added: “Congratulations to PubMatic on becoming Gold Standard 2.0 certified. We’re delighted to have their support as we work to create a more sustainable future for digital advertising. We have evolved the Gold Standard to ensure that it remains relevant, robust and effective at addressing current industry challenges – yet its success relies on our members’ willingness to embrace the initiative and get involved. By working together as an industry, we can achieve a lot more than we can alone – upholding shared values and helping to improve the digital ecosystem for all parties, not least the end user.”

PubMatic complied with the following measures as part of the Gold Standard 2.0 certification: