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Mental Health Awareness

Professional headshot of Lilian Lopez-Valencia
By Lilian Lopez-Valencia, Associate, Human Resources
September 20, 2021

As part of a commitment to employee wellbeing, PubMatic marked Mental Health Awareness Month this past May. This year, we offered a workshop to all U.S. employees that would allow them to discover the best ways to optimize their work-from-home setups to improve their health and comfort. During the pandemic we had already rolled out a work-from-home improvement budget to be used by employees at any time during the calendar year. The team decided that the best way to tie it all together would be to offer customized sessions with one of Exubrancy’s holistic health coaches, Darlene Marshall.

Exubrancy is a New York-based company that helps organizations maximize employee health and happiness via mediation sessions, group fitness classes, and more. Darlene offered the team tips on alignment yoga, neurolinguistic programming, and trigger point SMR. Along with an engaging and interactive stretching session, she also provided individualized tips to each employee who inquired about various chronic medical conditions, injuries, or simply ways to feel better inside and out.

To make an even bigger impact, PubMatic sent mental health themed kits to each workshop participant. Each kit contained a set of mindfulness cards with simple practices, prompts, and exercises for the mind and body. The guided cards offer individuals the opportunity to draw a single card each morning to form an intention for the day to cultivate relaxation, insight, kindness, and joy. The kit also included healthy teas, arts and crafts supplies, and a scented candle. All items were procured through our partnership with minority/woman-owned vendor, Promosuns, and LGBTQ+-owned candle company, Maison Cruz, both based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

It is our hope to provide employees with the tools and resources to change the general perception of mental health while having a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. PubMatic aims to create a foundation of trust between management and employees so that everyone can feel comfortable communicating their personal concerns and be part of high performing teams that make wellness a priority