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How We Deliver Customized Header Bidding Performance

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By Roger Chang, Senior Director,
Customer Enablement
June 27, 2023

In today’s highly competitive digital landscape, publishers need cutting-edge solutions to maximize their revenue potential. Header bidding has become one of the best technical advances in programmatic advertising, allowing publishers to optimize their monetization by simultaneously offering inventory to multiple ad exchanges and ad networks.

Nonetheless, header bidding can present a fresh challenge: How can publishers establish a specialized ad operations team capable of effectively deploying, servicing, and maintaining this sophisticated technology? This requirement is often an obstacle for publishers who may lack the essential resources or expertise in-house to tackle such a demanding task.

PubMatic’s answer is OpenWrap, our world-class header bidding product suite, and we empower our customers with a best-in-industry service team. We start by being a trusted technology partner with known and respected superior programmatic strategies and industry-leading scale. We nuture our customers from the initial integration and hold their hand every step of the way.

Working with our header bidding experts, our customers see a significant uplift in mobile, web and CTV/OTT revenue while maintaining the highest standards for user experience and transparency. We are thrilled to highlight some of our success stories, highlighting our commitment to democratizing technology for our valued customers.

For example, one of our premium publishers cares deeply about creating relevant, customized experiences for their audiences. Our team recognized built their integration with brand safety and trust as the main criteria. They love that PubMatic is focused on technology, service, and user experience.

Another example of how our teams delight our customers is in how much we listen to their feedback about product innovation. In many cases, they were unable to influence the product roadmap with their other technology partners. We innovate based on customer challenges, whether it is through product functionality or developing tailored solutions for OpenWrap SDK, through which they can access 30 certified demand partners that PubMatic connects to with a single ad request.

Our team worked collaboratively and transparently with a large publishers’ tech team to create a project plan to implement and test a header bidding solution. Maintaining the optimal user experience was of utmost importance, and any solution would have to ensure there was minimal impact to web page performance. The PubMatic team’s expertise made a dramatic difference in getting the integration implemented smoothly and resulted in significant uplift in eCPM (35%). Additionally, our OpenWrap Web product was seamlessly integrated with PubMatic’s addressability solution, Identity Hub, increasing matched impressions on Safari and Firefox by 21%.

Another customer wanted to seamlessly increase revenue from desktop and mobile traffic. They had researched open-source options, but soon realized integration and management would be complex and difficult with investment in development resources and could potentially impact web page performance. When our team demoed our solution, they saw an immediate fit. Our service and support ensured a quick and seamless integration and OpenWrap now provides an impressive revenue lift.

If you are considering entering the world of header bidding or want to improve the operational efficiency of your current solution, we invite you to learn more about OpenWrap.

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