Group of multicultural women working at table

Nurturing Female Leadership at PubMatic

Professional headshot of Rasayani Kamat
By Rasayani Kamat, Director, Human Resources
December 15, 2021

At PubMatic we continually look for opportunities to develop female talent and provide pathways to leadership.

Our investment in and strategies for people development enable all our people to acquire new skills and advance within the organization. This year, we introduced a unique leadership course for mid-career women.

The course introduces participants to the functional, behavioral and leadership skills required to move into the management level. It also addresses issues faced by women in the workplace. The women-only setup allows for greater candidness in a supportive environment, and a deepening of understanding of distinct leadership styles.

The course focuses on helping our teammates:

  • Become more self-aware and unlock their leadership potential;
  • Drive their career progression and prepare for a leadership role;
  • Find the tools to gain the confidence and mindset to lead with influence and navigate through challenges; and
  • Build connections with other women in a welcoming environment where they can discuss their experiences.

This year, the first group of 12 participants – primarily from the India engineering team – completed the course. They said that the program helped them reflect on and address the challenges they face. Participants reported gaining insights, tips, and tools to apply on their path to success.

The initial group plans to meet periodically to check in, share experiences, and support each other on their journey at PubMatic.