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Culture of Recognition at PubMatic

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By Tapsi Sood, Senior HR Business Partner
September 10, 2021

The people at PubMatic are our most valuable resource, and they make the organization a great place to work. This drives us to continually look for ways to celebrate our employees and acknowledge their contributions. In addition to providing competitive pay, great incentives, competitive benefits and career growth opportunities, we are proud to have a comprehensive Rewards & Recognition program.

There’s always some terrific work taking place at PubMatic and recognition continues to be an integral part of our culture. The formal Rewards & Recognition program has evolved over the years as we continue to grow and expand globally. All rewards at PubMatic are closely aligned to our company values and cultural principles and can be used to recognize anyone who exemplifies these through their work or behavior.

Recognition at PubMatic is inclusive, public and real-time. The Rewards & Recognition program provides myriad opportunities for peer-to-peer recognition. Any PubMatic employee can nominate a peer for an award for outstanding efforts or helpful collaboration at any time. In addition, ‘thank you’ messages or appreciation notes can be posted by employees on our internal real-time recognition platform. As a team, we love to applaud coworkers who go above and beyond to create a positive impact for customers, the organization or their teams. A few special awards are given on a quarterly basis and are announced by our CEO during the company-wide all hands meetings.

People managers at PubMatic can propose to reward game-changing ideas or beyond exceptional achievements or initiatives with special cash bonuses. Employees can volunteer for our Learning & Development initiatives to host knowledge sharing sessions for peers and also get rewarded for their time and effort. In our Hackathons, cash prizes are given to winning teams for demonstrating innovation and creativity in approaching business objectives.

PubMatic celebrates the commitment of the team, and we take pride in honoring each work anniversary through tenure certificates, gifts, or cash rewards. What’s more, PubMatic also loves to share in the joy of our people through special gifts to celebrate a team member’s addition to their lives, marriage or birth/adoption of a child.

We recognize individuals or teams whose contributions and behaviors demonstrate exceptional commitment to diversity and inclusion. We highlight employees who do truly extraordinary things in their time away from work to allow us to deliver social and volunteer programs that help us give back to the community.

We truly believe that this culture of recognition at PubMatic has helped us establish a positive and productive workplace where people, ideas, behaviors, and achievements are celebrated. It is one of the many remarkable hallmarks of the employee experience at PubMatic and will continue to help propel our journey to greater success.