Capturing the Vibrant Digital Ecosystem in India

Post on October 1, 2019 by Sudipto Das

Sudipto Das
Sudipto Das Regional Director, INSEA

The Indian advertising industry has witnessed rapid transformation in the last few years. Digital ad spend is anticipated to grow 30% this year according to eMarketer* and represent 19.8% of total media spend in this market, rising to over 25% by 2023.

Currently around 33 percent of video and display inventory in India is programmatic. This may be smaller than other markets across Asia Pacific but the rapid growth in internet use means there is huge potential for the Indian market to grow in the coming years.

With advertising technology evolving in sophistication, we decided to garner the thoughts of experts in the market across all parts of the digital ecosystem. As a result, we have brought the perspectives of publishers, an advertiser, an agency, DSP, Agency Trading Desks, DMP and, of course, an SSP in PubMatic.

The result is our Programmatic Players series, a collection of eight short videos which we will be rolling out over the coming weeks. These highlight the dynamic industry in India, capturing the insights of leaders into their businesses and the challenges and opportunities for programmatic going forward.

These are exciting times and I believe there is real opportunity for everyone to grow together and build a vibrant digital industry in India. I hope you enjoy the videos.

India Today:

India Today’s COO Salil Kumar discusses the huge opportunities programmatic brings to top tier publishers – from data and format enhancements to increasing levels of brand spend, as advertisers optimise towards programmatic buying.


Viacom18’s Sales Head Abhigyan Shekhar talks about the rapid expansion of programmatic buying on their properties – with programmatic spend increasing from 0% to 40% in the past year, and the importance to providing safe content for viewers and advertisers alike.


PubMatic’s Regional Director South East Asia and India, Sudipto Das, provides his thoughts on how the company is bringing programmatic to new channels, the importance of openness and trust in the ecosystem and the growth of supply chain optimisation.


Gaurav Seth, Managing Director at data management technology company Lotame, discusses the increasingly sophisticated use of Data Management Platforms, the growth of second party data and the challenges of the walled gardens.


Salil Shankar, Chief Operating Officer at programmatic buying platform Amnet gives his insights into the importance of Agency Trading Desks in driving business strategy, the shift to audience buying, challenges around in-housing and the growing importance of programmatic in India.


Deepak Tahiliani, Head, Digital Media Investments at GroupM talks about the evolving programmatic landscape, the need for an omnichannel approach, building transparent environments and the ongoing need for upskilling in a fast-changing industry.


Prabhvir Sahmey, Head, Google Marketing Platform, India discusses how DSPs are evolving beyond what they do today, the impact of changing legislation and the opportunities programmatic can bring to non-traditional media.


Vineet Singh, Head of Brand and Marketing, WeWork India offers his perspectives on how the advertiser is using programmatic, the focus on transparency and brand safety and the rise of artificial intelligence.

*Digital Ad Spending India, Apr 1, 2019