Audience Management: Benefits for Publishers

Post on August 23, 2018 by Manjari Sharda

Manjari Sharda Senior Product Manager, Audience

PubMatic is pleased to introduce our new Audience Management tools (in open beta) that have been designed to be publisher-first and solve the top audience challenges that both publishers and buyers are facing:

  1. Stop data leakage and gain control of data usage
  2. Maximize user reach
  3. Easy audience discovery by buyers, without compromising on data control
  4. Maximize data yield

Stop Data Leakage and Gain Control on Data Usage

Publishers that are brave enough to monetize data today, outside their owned inventory, often do it via data marketplaces (DMPs).

The flow of data often looks like this: Publisher’s Entire Data Sent to > DMPs sent to > DSPs targeted by > Advertisers.

As seen above, the publisher is now three steps removed from the actual consumer or user of its data. They don’t control who gets access to their data or how the data is used.  As demonstrated in the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica story, data usage by multiple vendors needs to be carefully controlled and easily understood.

Therefore, PubMatic’s solution gives publishers granular control at the individual buyer level. Publishers can make one or multiple audience segments available for very specific use-cases to individual buyers and easily monitor what the buyer does with their data. For example, a publisher will know, in real-time, which audience segments are targeted, by which buyer, and on what sites. With these real-time usage insights, the publisher can easily optimize, scale or block the use of their data.

For publishers who are more risk-averse, these tools will allow them to easily test with a few buyers to better evaluate the opportunity and decrease data leakage risk.  

Maximize User Reach

The loss of user match-rates can range from 10 percent to 40 percent between any two vendors (i.e. publisher to DMP). Thus, the user match-rate, with one or two hops could range from 60-80 percent.

Using this same example then, by integrating directly with PubMatic, the match rate and audience reach could increase by ~20 percent, hence maximizing the audience reach for their buyers.

Easy Audience Discovery

Currently, publishers have few options to allow buyers to discover their audiences, without losing complete control, as described above. Without selling data through marketplaces, the only way for buyers to discover publisher audiences is via a direct sales channel, which can be expensive and is not highly scalable.

With PubMatic’s Audience Management tool, publishers can make their data viewable to buyers. This will allow buyers to discover publisher audiences via several analytics tools and then contact the publisher directly to target the audience via deal ids.

Maximize Data Yield

Finally, no tool is worthwhile unless it helps maximize revenue for publishers. Using some simple math: each distribution channel takes a cut on the data sale, hence by simply decreasing the number of middlemen and getting closer to the customer, net revenue can increase.

Our tools enable the publisher to sell their data directly to the buyer, without losing rev share to multiple middle men.

In conclusion, PubMatic’s new audience data management capabilities aim to address some of the key concerns publishers have shared with us. We would love for beta clients to test the product, give us feedback and help build a more secure and privacy safe data revenue stream. Current partners can learn more here or reach out to their rep for more information.