IN THE NEWS December 21, 2019
Out-of-home, TV, online video are expected to move towards programmatic in 2020. There’d also be more industry-wide alliances.

IN THE NEWS December 17, 2019
Working with Wallaroo Labs, a data processing engine, has enabled PubMatic to reduce infrastructure, time and overhead when analyzing data in real time.

IN THE NEWS December 11, 2019
Concerns over inventory quality are main factors in preventing media buyers from buying in-app inventory programmatically

IN THE NEWS December 11, 2019
2020 will be a pivotal year for mobile as the first 5G networks gain traction. As privacy regulations continue to tighten, mobile video and audio grow more important.

IN THE NEWS December 9, 2019
The CCPA takes effect shortly, and companies are still coming to terms with what changes the law demands as it pertains to personal information.