Understanding Supply Path Optimization (SPO)

Few concepts have been more widely discussed — or misunderstood — than supply path optimization (SPO). To help shed light on this growing trend, PubMatic released a guide entitled Understanding Supply Path Optimization.

Programmatic advertising is projected to reach nearly $100 billion in spend globally in 2020. As more brand spend continues to flow through automated pipes, the buying community has been pushing for increased quality and transparency across the supply chain.

To help provide more clarity and actionable insights for DSPs, agencies and advertisers interested in implementing SPO in programmatic advertising, the primer delves into the following:

  • What SPO is, and how it works
  • Why buyers employing SPO strategies
  • How to effectively implement SPO programs
  • How to measure the success of SPO efforts
  • What the future state looks like

Download the guide now to learn how SPO can benefit you and positively impact advertiser ROI.