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The Present and The Future of Audience Addressability

The Present and The Future of Audience Addressability

With Google closing in on the prospective 2023 deprecation of third-party cookies, the pursuit of solutions that target consumers in an effective, privacy-conscious (and compliant) manner is well underway.

With rival browsers Safari and Firefox having blocked third-party cookies ahead of Chrome, and Apple’s decision to cease supporting ID for Advertisers (IDFA) on iOS, advertisers have felt pressure to develop and implement new ways of serving relevant ads to specific audiences.

Key to these new techniques is accessing addressable advertising audiences — anonymized groups of consumers whose non-personally identifiable information can be used to build a profile of interests and needs. With these ‘recognizable’ audiences in place, advertisers can deliver campaigns that are likely to be of greater interest to consumers and are thus more successful for brands.

PubMatic has produced this Deep Dive special in partnership with ExchangeWire to help you explore:

  • What audience addressability is and the current opportunities within it
  • How browsers are moving forward in light of the coming deprecation of the third-party cookie 
  • PubMatic’s approach to audience addressability
  • How publishers and advertisers are creating addressable audiences