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New Report: State of Online Video Advertising in Europe

New Report: State of Online Video Advertising in Europe

The European Online Video (OLV) market is seeing rapid growth. In Europe, it now commands nearly 40% of all display spend and is the fastest-growing segment within social. Innovations in this space, such as advancements in video quality, mean that this growth will only continue. The market is, however, fragmented, due to several factors including media consumption habits, regulation, and media trading cultures. Plus there is still a lack of research into formats and the factors affecting buying decisions in the online video programmatic space.

As such, IAB Europe and PubMatic created this new industry report titled “The State of Online Video Advertising in Europe”. The report highlights media buyers’ appetite to continue to increase investment in video advertising, in particular connected TV (CTV).

Over 140 online video buyers from agencies and advertisers across 31 European markets took part in the survey-based research generating key insights such as:

  • On average, digital media buyers are investing 36% of total ad spend in video advertising (excluding TV formats)
  • The most frequently bought video advertising is mobile web with one-quarter of media buyers investing more than 61% of their digital budget in this channel
  • Two-thirds of digital buyers are investing in CTV, albeit at a lower percentage of the total budget.