As consumers’ time is increasingly divided across screens and channels, publishers are demanding header bidding solutions that help them monetize that engagement. The year is winding down and the industry looking toward 2021 strategies. To help, PubMatic has commissioned a new study by Advertiser Perceptions of US publishers and app developers to provide insight into the challenges and opportunities they face as they utilize header bidding technology and try to capture more advertiser demand. 

Here are a few of the findings from the study that you will discover in this report: 

  • Publishers want omnichannel wrappers— Improved monetization, improved demand optimization, and improved efficiency were the top three benefits omnichannel publishers gained from utilizing header bidding wrappers.  
  • Publishers’ key wrapper criteria– While it may not be surprising that 82% of omnichannel publishers said monetization performance was importantsignificant percentage cited as critical other partner attributes, including reporting/data analytics, simplified workflow, customer service, ease of implementation and scalability.   
  • Omnichannel publishers’ preferred partners– While, Google Open Bidding and Amazon Transparent Ad Marketplace (TAM) server-side integration wrappers are the most used, PubMatic is the top independent wrapper choice, with 33% of omnichannel publishers currently using PubMatic OpenWrap. 

Be sure to download the report by Advertiser Perceptions and PubMatic and get prepared to capture more omnichannel revenue and consumer engagement in 2021.