PubMatic Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) Q4 2018

Every quarter, our team analyzes over 12 trillion advertiser bids flowing each month through PubMatic’s platform. This allows us to observe real-time trends in the mobile space that may allude to broader digital industry trends. We then compare this information to other published data to further understand changes in the mobile landscape. The result is our Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) with actionable data and insights to influence media planning, inventory packaging and important insights for marketers.

Our Q4 2018 QMI identifies key mobile and in-app advertising trends from the quarter and takes a quick look-back at the notable in-app developments from all of 2018. This quarter’s report shines a spotlight on in-app video opportunities, mobile server-side header bidding, and developments in addressing quality in the in-app environments.

The following five key trends emerged:

  1. In-app opportunities propel mobile into a leadership position in digital video. As all markets globally experienced growth in mobile video ad spend in 2018, discover why in-app video advertising is proving valuable to advertisers and publishers alike.
  2. In-app header bidding is beginning to take hold. Mobile devices saw a large growth in their share of impressions monetized via header bidding technology. Learn where the adoption flourished and how it is evolving beyond the web.
  3. Advertisers increasingly leveraged private marketplaces (PMPs) to improve in-app quality. See why buyers are embracing the open market for desktop and mobile web while increasing interest in PMPs as a means of accessing safe, premium content and engaged in-app audiences.
  4. In-app monetization thrived, while mobile web experienced greatest growth. Uncover the greatest drivers of mobile ad spend in 2018 and how quality concerns are impacting the mobile marketing mix.
  5. Holiday shopping provided a huge boost to mobile ad spend globally. Discover how consumer shopping behavior impacted the mobile advertising ecosystem in 2018 to inform your 2019 plans.

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