London, UK, 26 September, 2019 – Premium digital advertising technology company, PubMatic, has announced a partnership with leading Extended Reality monetisation platform Admix. Admix aggregates inventory across games and Virtual Reality (VR)/Augmented Reality (AR) titles, making it available to buyers through PubMatic. This partnership will help marketers to take advantage of the brand advertising opportunities offered by AR and VR.

Through its technology, Admix enables standard display and video advertising to be served into any virtual reality, augmented reality or gaming environment in a non-intrusive, non-disruptive manner, as product placements. PubMatic will enable Admix to monetise a greater proportion of its marketplace inventory by giving its wealth of buyers access to these advertising opportunities, who can buy this format through the exchange without supporting any custom format.

“This partnership with Admix continues our focus on driving more effective mobile advertising and helping advertisers realise the potential mobile can offer.” said Emma Newman, CRO, EMEA at PubMatic. “This has included launching an SDK to support in-app monetisation and working with leading players, including Gameloft, to educate the market and encourage greater adoption of in-app advertising.”

Increasingly mobile is becoming recognised as a brand building medium and not simply a performance channel. Forrester Consulting’s research into perceptions around in-app video advertising found that buyers viewed branding as the main focus of their in-app advertising. The high viewability offered via Admix ensures these advertising opportunities can deliver the brand awareness that marketers desire.

Samuel Huber, Founder and CEO at Admix, comments “Effective advertising calls for well executed campaigns that complement the environment they appear in and do not disrupt the user experience. This partnership offers buyers access to new and exciting environments that engage consumers and deliver maximum viewability, making them perfect channels for advertisers.”