GERMANY, October 6, 2022 – emetriq, part of Deutsche Telekom, specialists in data-driven online marketing and one of the leading providers of targeted advertising in Germany, and PubMatic, (Nasdaq: PUBM), an independent technology company delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future, today announced that emetriq is offering their audience targeting to PubMatic’s Connect buyers to help them reach the right consumers, deliver relevant ads, while ensuring campaigns are delivering ROI and consumers are enjoying a better ad experience.

emetriq’s Contextual Targeting addresses users solely based on contextual signals, amplifying the reach of campaigns beyond targeted audiences. For this, emetriq’s artificial intelligence applies semantic signals like the URL, device used, content or time of visit to segment and target users into over 100 relevant categories – all in real-time. With the deprecation of third-party cookies on the horizon, marketers need to adjust buying strategies to ensure their programmatic advertising investments remain effective and efficient, reaching customers across screens in a non-intrusive and privacy-safe way. emetriq’s targeting solution available to PubMatic’s buyers is future proof in this sense as it works without third-party cookies or any other identifiers and so provides a targeted offering to marketers looking for their next solution.

“With our targeting solution, we are able to offer targeting based on semantic analyses of the website as well as on the basis of learned knowledge from the largest German data pool. This is because we can apply trained models in real time without third-party cookies,” adds Peter Lorenz, Product Lead at emetriq. “For the customers this means the possibility to advertise on product or brand relevant environments in addition to being able to target socio-demographic characteristics in cookie-less environments.”

“We’re really excited to bring an innovative offering with emetriq to market through PubMatic’s Connect audience solution, allowing our customers to leverage addressable signals from across the open internet. By bringing audience targeting to the sell-side, buyers can gain greater control over how inventory and data are packaged and transacted to drive the best performance for their campaigns. As a result, buyers can get closer to inventory, achieve better match rates, gain more detailed reporting and analytics, and increase their access to global omnichannel inventory across display, video, mobile app, and connected TV.” said Ekkehardt Schlottbohm, Regional VP, Northern Europe at PubMatic, PubMatic, EMEA.

About emetriq
emetriq is a specialist in data-driven advertising and one of the leading targeting providers in the German market. A subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, emetriq is the initiator of the largest joint data-pool in German advertising and of a cross-device network offering impressive reach. In this way, the Hamburg-based company is one of the leading suppliers of data and websites in Germany, offering advertisers equitable access to unparalleled quantities of targeting data in peerless quality and allowing marketers or data providers to refine and monetise their proprietary information resources.

About PubMatic
PubMatic (Nasdaq: PUBM) is an independent technology company maximising customer value by delivering digital advertising’s supply chain of the future. PubMatic’s sell-side platform empowers the world’s leading digital content creators across the open internet to control access to their inventory and increase monetization by enabling marketers to drive return on investment and reach addressable audiences across ad formats and devices. Since 2006, our infrastructure-driven approach has allowed for the efficient processing and utilisation of data in real time. By delivering scalable and flexible programmatic innovation, we improve outcomes for our customers while championing a vibrant and transparent digital advertising supply chain.