NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, next-gen data management platform (DMP) Audigent is announcing the release of Smart PMPs™, a first-to-market data + inventory product that will transform the way that advertisers buy programmatic inventory and data. PubMatic, a premium digital advertising technology company, will be the first supply partner to support the product. In combining PubMatic’s premium publisher inventory and Audigent’s exclusive first-party data, digital media buyers can now customize and package some of the best inventory and data available from some of the biggest names in entertainment, sports and lifestyle. Easy to use and include in a campaign as a single deal ID, Smart PMPs™ enable the accurate projection of audience scale and direct supply-path optimizations, streamlining a process that has often been cumbersome and inefficient and will now provide buyers with more fairly priced PMP alternatives.

“The excitement around clean, transparent, privacy safe first-party data continues to dominate the programmatic advertising conversation,” said Drew Stein, Founder and CEO of Audigent, “This new tool, available through our PubMatic partnership, is truly a breakthrough product that intelligently combines our high-performing first-party data with premium publisher inventory, making it easier than ever before to help brands and media agencies drive value and performance.”

Media planners and programmatic traders are overwhelmed by infinite choices around data and inventory. To help buyers take the guesswork out of their options, Smart PMPs™ pre-package specified audience targets against curated inventory and content. Since optimizations are the key to programmatic campaign success, Smart PMPs™ stand out because they can be initiated from the supply side, being implemented before traders even have visibility into performance, thus ensuring that media spend gets allocated to the best performing PMP’s faster.

“Smart PMPs™ are a highly-differentiated, audience data-driven PMP product that drives immediate value and performance for programmatic media buyers and premium publishers,” said Alex DeSanctis, Vice President of Audience at PubMatic. “Data is critical here, and it’s extraordinary that Audigent can deliver access to premium audiences at massive scale, from the most coveted and exclusive lifestyle publishers to Bruno Mars’ most engaged fans to the Brooklyn Nets.”

“The demand for simpler, more efficient and more powerful digital media buying is clear. SmartPMP™ is a brilliant step forward in that it provides a single toolset for both data customization and supply-path optimization. It is already delivering at scale for some of our most valued and trusted clients,” said Jake Abraham, President at Audigent.

Initial reactions from buyers have been extremely positive. Beyond the noticeable pricing advantage, they are also responding to the predictable scale, a campaign requirement that has proven very challenging to date, and previously left buyers scrambling to increase audience size and/or inventory to meet forecasted pace. SmartPMPs™ accurately deliver audience scale prior to campaign activation, ensuring that there are no surprises and allowing buyers to spend more time focused on campaign optimizations vs. basic delivery and trafficking.

About Audigent:

Audigent is a next generation first-party data management platform (DMP) and the world’s first “data agency.” Home to some of the most exclusive content-consuming audiences across mobile, desktop and social platforms – Audigent is focused on the entertainment, sports and lifestyle verticals. Having built both a world-class verification stack as well as a deep insights data platform that builds unique taxonomies for its partners, Audigent is transforming how data powers the programmatic landscape with verified, opt-in data from some of the biggest content publishers, influencers, athletes and artists, including Warner Music Group, Condé Nast, Trusted Media Brands and many others.

Originally published in BUSINESS WIRE