AdMonsters Publisher Forum

March 4 - 7, 2018 | Huntington Beach, CA

Connect with our team at AdMonsters Publisher Forum and don’t miss PubMatic’s Marina Gu, Senior Director, Customer Enablement, PubMatic on a fantastic panel discussing “Is Server-Side Header Bidding The Future of Monetization?” along with Corey Wong, Senior Manager of Business Development, Leaf Group, and Robby Barnett, Director, Media Strategy and Investment, Viant. While they had a good ride on the hype train, server-to-server integrations have not completely displaced “traditional” header bidding as predicted. Instead, many publishers are finding hybrid setups advantageous for a variety of reasons. In this intimate panel, we’ll chat about setups, challenges, and whether S2S hookups will eventually dominate programmatic.

No other conference comes close to offering the community, exchange of ideas and learning opportunities of the AdMonsters Publisher Forum [drop the mic].

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