Carbon-Efficient Auction Packages: Maximize ROI and Sustainability

Create a better future while creating better programmatic outcomes

The technological infrastructure that enabled the explosive growth of programmatic advertising has also increased the impact of digital advertising on the environment. Now, advertisers and agencies can partner with PubMatic to programmatically activate auction packages to reach their audiences across carbon efficient sources, reducing the carbon footprint of their ad campaigns.

Auction Packages are a safe and efficient way to curate programmatic open marketplace inventory and audiences at scale. PubMatic Auction Packages pull together inventory from multiple publishers into one curated Deal ID, according to your desired parameters: putting you in control and saving you time and effort.

PubMatic’s Carbon-Efficient Auction Packages are developed through a proprietary methodology leveraging ads.txt data to benchmark a publisher’s carbon footprint based on the complexity of the publisher’s supply chain. Fewer intermediaries and partner integrations equate to fewer carbon emissions and a more sustainable inventory source.

Advertisers that allocate media spend toward PubMatic Carbon-Efficient Auction Packages are not only reducing their carbon footprint, but are demonstrating, through their media investment, their commitment in prioritizing partners who contribute to a transparent, efficient and responsible supply chain.

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