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Joy in the Journey

Professional headshot of Ivanna Herbert
By ivanna herbert, Manager, Human Resources
September 25, 2021

PubMatic marked International Women’s Day 2021 by hosting “Joy in the Journey,” our in-house women’s leadership program. The event featured female leaders sharing how they have advanced in their careers, challenges they overcame, and lessons learned along the way.

This year’s Joy in the Journey featured Jacqueline Boakye, Regional VP, Customer Success, EMEA; Imelda Suriato, Senior Director, Creative Services; and for the first time, we had an external speaker, Jamees Wright, CMO at Promosuns. The session was moderated by Emma Newman, CRO, EMEA.

Each speaker shared her story, highlighting key moments that brought them to their current position. Imelda Suriato shared perspective on a risk she took in leaving a secure role. “I left after seven years because my values no longer aligned with those of my partners. It was unnerving as the sole earner because I didn’t have a job lined up, but four months later, a former client reached out and we started an agency doing things I didn’t think I would be doing again, like insights and research. This set me on the journey that landed me here. Life is a series of calculated risks, but I was taught that as a woman, you have to rely on yourself and always be prepared.”

Jacqueline Boakye, when asked who has inspired her throughout her career, shared, “My mom and dad came to the U.K. thirty-something years ago and they’ve had to overcome so much. My mom was a primary school teacher, and they don’t see qualifications in the same way when you come from a developing country. She never settled for anything, never stopped herself, she always empowered herself. She retired to Ghana and has her own business. And she has a school again with 220 kids.”

The panelists also discussed feelings of imposter syndrome, the importance of allyship and diversity, and advocating for others and having others advocate for you. Hearing these diverse perspectives and stories was empowering and uplifting for attendees. We at PubMatic look forward to future Joy in the Journey events where we can continue to celebrate and raise the female voices in our community.