Now more than ever, diversity and inclusion are at the forefront of public consciousness and conversation. PubMatic has long been committed to supporting diversity and inclusion within our organization, from transparently sharing data, to developing inclusive hiring practices and implementing training that helps us better understand and prevent unconscious bias and halt sexual harassment. In light of recent global events, our company must apply a growth mindset to identify what we can do both as individuals and as a company to help bring about change in a measurable and high-impact way.

Our 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Report, our fourth annual report, has us once again owning our numbers and subscribing to the belief that measurement and transparency inspire action. What’s more, we are steadfast in our aim to turn words into meaningful ways to meet the challenges of a changing world. This year’s report highlights the success we have had in both hiring and developing diverse talent, as well as the immersive programs we have and will be launching in support of inclusion. Download the full report to see our progress in diversity and inclusion and the goals we’ve set for ourselves in the year to come.

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