PubMatic has long embraced the fact that a diversity of ideas and expertise allows us to provide our clients with creative solutions to their most challenging monetization and advertising problems. We believe that to stay at the forefront of digital advertising innovation, it will require even greater effort as new generations of employees redefine engagement, crave a deeper connection to their work and seek to maximize their potential as human beings. As a global company, with 13 offices worldwide, we recognize and celebrate the differences that exist among our employees and are committed to ensuring that all employees feel empowered to share their unique perspectives.

Our focus this year has shifted to not only attracting new and diverse talent to PubMatic but also developing the incredible talent we already have. Our core cultural principles of empowerment, transparency, teamwork, innovation and fun are embedded into the fiber of our company and intrinsically support an employee experience that lends itself to retaining our workforce.

This year’s Diversity and Inclusion report, our third annual report, will illustrate the success we have had in both hiring and developing diverse talent as well as the immersive programs we have rolled out in support of inclusion. The report will also feature a gender and ethnically diverse cross-section of employees who have been recognized as having a significant impact on our business throughout the past 18 months. These award winners will make the business case for diversity by citing the impact they have had on our clients and our business. Download the full report to see our progress in diversity and inclusion plus our planned growth in the coming months.

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