A trade-off has existed between the efficiency of programmatic and the transparency and guaranteed nature of the direct buy. That compromise is about to disappear.

The trends that have led to the emergence of a new tactic for the automation of brand spend – the Biddable IO. Leveraging data from a survey of over 400 publishers and buyers as well as insights gleaned from our conversations with key industry players, the report will cover:

  • The rise of programmatic direct – 83% of publishers surveyed consider it an important strategy for their business in 2017
  • Three trends driving brand spend to programmatic: header bidding, data availability, and attribution
  • Trade-offs and compromises required with existing automated buying channels
  • Introducing the Biddable IO: the solution for closing the gap

We also review the new programmatic lexicon, introducing the terminology you need to know to take advantage of the opportunities available as brands spend more of their budgets through automated channels.